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Isobel Hanna: Teaching and Travelling in Guangzhou China and Thailand

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    11 Dec
    Isobel Hanna

    The first two weeks of my trip were spent teaching English at a summer camp in Foshan, near Guangzhou. The second two weeks were teaching debate and English at a camp in central Guangzhou and the final two weeks were spent in Thailand with my friend and her family.

    It was fairly easy to find accommodation as the camp provided it, and I stayed with my friend’s family for a week in Thailand. She knew good places to stay for when we travelled round Thailand (to Bangkok and to the south). I feel this trip taught me that things such as travelling long distances are not as difficult as I thought they would be, and that I can cope well with it. I also learned more about Chinese culture and Thai culture, and really enjoyed this aspect of my trip.

    The summer camps could also often be hard work and had quite long working hours. Because of this I think I gained more resilience and stamina. I would advise others to arrange some time to travel a bit on their own, probably in the area that they stayed in, just to get to know it better and make more of the opportunity.

    I would also recommend the summer camps or work when travelling as it allows you to meet people from the area, who know the best parts of the area.

    Isobel Hanna