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Laura Bates: travelling in Georgia and Armenia

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    30 Sep

    I began my trip in Georgia, where I spent the first 6 days. I flew into Tbilisi and from there explored some of the archeological sites on the border with Azerbaijan before heading up into the High Caucasus to visit some of the
    ancient monasteries that from the heartland of Georgian culture. I then spent a further seven days in Armenia, where I saw the soviet built capital of Yerevan. We also visited the beautiful monasteries in the north before
    heading to see Mount Ararat on the Turkish border.

    I travelled with another friend throughout this trip and one of the more challenging aspects from my point of view was being entirely responsible for our communication throughout the trip as she spoke no Russian. Although both Georgia and Armenia were very easy to navigate for tourists in terms of finding accommodation and travel (perhaps Armenia slightly less so), I did find that being responsible for both me and my friend slightly challenging.

    From my perspective the most important part of the trip was the opportunity to get a better understanding of the Caucasian culture, especially in their political understanding of the region. In Armenia we had a lot of opportunities to talk to people about their understanding of the Armenia national identity and how that links to the national sites that we visited. I personally would recommend that any traveller to the region makes an effort to use public transport where they have an opportunity to talk to locals, who are always very friendly.