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    25 September 2019

    As part of our ongoing concern to support our students, we are pleased to announce a substantial new bursary initiative: the Enhanced Bursary Scheme.

    In 2018/19, Murray Edwards College took part in a pilot scheme, which was set up to enhance the existing Cambridge Bursary by extending financial support to a wider range of students (particularly those from middle income families) and increasing support to students who had already qualified for the Cambridge Bursary. The extra funding made a significant difference to our students and as such, we have decided to extend the scheme for the 2019/20 academic year. Third and fourth year students will now be eligible for the Enhanced Bursary for the first time, in addition to incoming first years and students in their second year who received funds from the pilot scheme in 2018/19.

    We are committed to widening participation in higher education and ensuring students have the financial support they need during their time at College. We are determined students are not put off from applying to Cambridge simply because they think it will be too expensive to study here.

    The Enhanced Bursary Scheme is one of a number of University initiatives to support students. Early research findings have shown that interventions of this kind are effective in supporting students' experience and academic performance.

    You can find more information about the Cambridge Bursary Scheme and the Enhanced Bursary Scheme on the College funding and awards page of our website.