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    Undergraduate accommodation

    First year

    All first year students are allocated rooms in Pearl House. You do not need to apply for accommodation – the Tutorial Office will contact you in late August or early September when all examination results are confirmed.

    All bedrooms in Pearl House have ensuite bathrooms. They are light and modern with plenty of storage space. All bedrooms contain a single bed, bedside table, desk, desk chair, easy chair, bookshelves and a fitted wardrobe with shelves. All students in Pearl House have access to fully-equipped kitchens with ovens, hobs, microwaves and fridges. All Pearl House room licenses are for 30 weeks.

    Later years

    Students choose their accommodation for subsequent years in Lent Term after the Room Draw takes place.

    All bedrooms contain the same basic furniture of a single bed, bedside table, desk, desk lamp, desk chair, easy chair, bookshelves, noticeboards and a fitted wardrobe. All rooms on the main College site have lockable cupboards. Some rooms may have additional furniture such as a chest of drawers or additional seating. All rooms that are not ensuite on the main College site include a built-in sink.

    Orchard Court

    Bedrooms in Orchard Court vary in size and style. Most are single rooms although a handful of students each year will choose to share. Rooms on the top floors are split level with a bed upstairs, and a study, storage and seating space downstairs. Students in this building share bathrooms although the ratio of students per bathroom or toilet can be as few as 2:1. All students have access to well-equipped kitchens, most of which have seating areas, making for a more sociable experience. License periods vary between staircases – you have the option to choose a room with a 30-week (term time only) license or a 39-week license, meaning students do not need to remove their belongings over the Christmas and Easter holidays.

    Hammond House and Clover House

    Situated a little further from the heart of College, Hammond House and Clover House have 12 and 6 bedrooms respectively. Both houses have living and dining rooms as well as kitchens, allowing for a more sociable living experience. Licenses for these rooms are 30 weeks although additional accommodation can usually be arranged (at an extra cost) for students wishing to remain in College during the vacation period.

    Buckingham House

    Buckingham House has 35 generous ensuite bedrooms and is the most modern undergraduate accommodation in College. There are two large kitchen spaces on the first two floors and a smaller additional kitchen on the third floor. Licenses for these rooms are term time only although additional accommodation can usually be arranged (at an extra cost) for students wishing to remain in College during the vacation period.

    College houses

    College also owns a small number of properties away from the main site but within a five minute walk of College. Many of these are on the opposite side of Huntingdon Road. Popular with third year students, they allow for more independent living but with College facilities still close at hand. Each house has its own bathrooms, kitchen, washing machine and garden.

    College spaces

    Froud Room

    The Froud Room is the College television room. With comfortable sofas and a large television screen, it's perfect for cosy film nights with friends or for larger group screenings. In the past, this room has been used for College-wide screenings of Doctor Who and The Great British Bake Off!

    JCR Room

    Situated between Orchard Court and Pearl House, the JCR space is an ideal space for socialising with friends or hosting birthday parties. Large windows at either end mean the space is light and airy and a great place to study during the day.

    College Bar

    The College Bar is one of the few in Cambridge that is fully student-staffed. The bar itself is open every night and hosts events throughout the year such as 'Band in the Bar'. During the day, the bar is a much more relaxed space, offering an alternative workspace to the library. Every Friday, the JCR organises Skive@5 – a chance for students from all subjects and year groups to get together and socialise over tea and biscuits before the weekend begins.

    The Coach House

    As well as having an amazing art collection, we also have a space dedicated to the creation of art. Whether it's painting, sketching or drama rehearsals, the Coach House has adaptable spaces suitable for all purposes. Run by the JCR Arts Officer, it's kept stocked with craft materials and displays of students' work.

    Tennis and squash courts

    We are lucky enough to have tennis and squash courts on site, both of which are free for students to use.

    Music practice facilities

    We have a range of spaces available in College for music practice either individually or in small groups. While there is a dedicated music room with one electric and one upright piano, there is also a Steinway grand piano available in the Fellows' Drawing Room. The Steinway can be booked by students who have achieved Grade 8 in Piano.

    Find out more about music at Murray Edwards.

    The gym

    We have a fully equipped gym on site with regularly updated equipment, including a squat rack, kettle bells, cross trainers and treadmills. At around £50 per year, membership is much cheaper than joining public gyms with the added advantage that it's only a few minutes away from your room! 

    Find out more and how to arrange an induction.

    The gardens

    Murray Edwards benefits from plenty of outdoor space and a fantastic gardening team. With the exception of the Fellows' Garden, all outdoor space is accessible to students at all times. From spring bulbs to autumnal fruits, planting is planned with students in mind. The lawns are a great place to revise or have a picnic in summer. They also make an excellent location for the Murray Edwards Garden Party, one of the most popular May Week events in Cambridge. This isn't the only event to take place in the gardens – every autumn, the JCR Environmental Officer teams up with the gardeners to organise Apple Day. An afternoon of music, apple juice, apple crumble and marshmallows that's popular with students, staff and Fellows, Apple Day is a great way of bringing the College community together at the beginning of the year. In the summer, the beach comes to College and is a popular place to revise while catching some rays.


    Academic societies

    Murray Edwards' Medical Society

    This thriving society supports our medical students academically and creates opportunities for them to socialise with medical students from other Colleges. You can find out more about them from their website.

    Franklin Society

    The Franklin Society is aimed at anyone in College with an interest in science but particularly Natural Sciences students. They run academic support sessions where students in all years can meet for tea and biscuits to discuss their work. They also host talks and provide advice on course options.

    Murray Edwards Veterinary Society

    The Veterinary Society has members from all six years of Veterinary Medicine students at Murray Edwards. Members meet regularly for "vetty tea". This is a chance for members to catch up with each other and for older students to help those newer to the course. The Veterinary Society also organises formal dinners and May Week picnics. You can find out more on their website.

    Murray Edwards Geography Society

    The College Geography Society brings together undergraduate and graduate geographers and Fellows for dinners, research talks and dissertation presentations. You can find out more on their website.

    Murray Edwards Maths Circle

    The College Maths Circle encourages mathematicians from all years to meet up on a Sunday evening to socialise and solve problems collaboratively. Run by the Director of Studies, it also gives students the opportunity to present on a topic within Mathematics that is of interest to them.

    The Gabe Society (Modern Languages)

    The Gabe Society encourages modern linguists at Murray Edwards to come together and socialise. It also organises social events such as poetry readings and the chance for fourth year students to present and discuss their year abroad projects.


    Recreational societies

    As well as academic societies, we have a range of active recreational societies in College. Our Music Society is very active, arranging concerts throughout each term. We also have a number of sports societies, which are a more relaxed way of getting involved with sports than playing at University level. The College Boat Club is enthusiastic and some of its members rowed in the 2019 Boat Race.

    Here are a few of the other societies at Murray Edwards:


    Madhouse is our drama society. As well as organising the annual Shakespeare play in the Murray Edwards' Gardens, they support and fund plays performed in College and elsewhere in the University, including the ADC Theatre. The society also showcases writing by Murray Edwards' students, and offers opportunities to female and non-binary students who want to get involved in producing and directing plays. The committee has experience in different aspects of the Cambridge drama scene, including backstage and technical roles. As such, Madhouse acts as a resource for students who are new to Cambridge drama and would like to get involved.

    Murray Edwards Christian Union

    Murray Edwards Christian Union joins with the Christian Union at Fitzwilliam College to create a welcoming community of individuals who meet once a week for a relaxed discussion about faith in Cambridge. The group also holds weekly morning-prayer meetings in Fitzwilliam Chapel for students from all Christian denominations. A couple of times each term, the society runs 'text-a-treat', giving the whole College community (regardless of faith) the opportunity to ask questions about faith in return for a tasty treat!

    Oxfam Society

    The University-wide Oxfam Society was founded in 2016 by a Murray Edwards College student. Since then, the society has gone from strength to strength, organising campaigns on gender inequality across the world, climate change, and raising awareness of the crisis in Yemen. Many of the society's committee members come from Murray Edwards and have been instrumental in arranging talks and other events, including an art exhibition at the College.