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Photo of student Yanitsa Pehova in Israel
Student Yanitsa Pehova used Gateway Challenges Funding to travel to Israel

Cambridge Bursaries

Cambridge Bursaries are available to students from the UK/EU taking any undergraduate course of study at the University of Cambridge. These bursaries are intended to help students in financial need and to encourage them to apply to Cambridge.

For students starting courses in October, a Cambridge Bursary of up to £3,500 per annum is available, with a higher tier of awards for mature students.

The value of each bursary is calculated on a sliding scale based on household income. New:  Bursaries are managed via Student Finance and no action is required from students other than to apply for student finance each year.  Notification of Cambridge Bursaries will be made via the Tutorial Office. 

These bursaries are just one element of providing financial help for students at Cambridge. See the Cambridge Bursary website for more information.

Paula Browne Scholarship (Murray Edwards College)

This is awarded annually to up to four outstanding students usually from the EU (not UK) and occasionally from overseas or of refugee status. For students from the EU it usually involves an award of £3000 per annum.  Students receiving this award will receive this amount annually for the period during which they are in residence for their undergraduate studies (usually three but in some cases four years). In addition an award of up to £300 may be made in years 1 and 2 in support of an approved plan for travel.

Anne Williams Scholarship (Murray Edwards College)

This is available to be awarded annually to an overseas medical undergraduate on the basis of both academic potential and financial need. This award has been made possible by the generosity of alumna Anne Williams. The recipient is awarded approximately £4,000 per year for the duration of their undergraduate medical course and the award may be extended to cover their clinical studies in Cambridge after review.

Blyth Scholarship (University of Cambridge)

Full financial support for up to three students from Canada (University-wide selection). Tenable for any subject except Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. Applicants must apply to the Blyth Academy by October 1st in the year of application as well as submitting an application to Cambridge (via UCAS). Full details are available from the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust.

Rosemary Murray Student Support Fund (Murray Edwards College)

Murray Edwards College has its own Student Support Fund, which can help in cases of financial hardship. While most costs associated with academic courses (including field courses) are met by the University, this Fund also makes grants towards exceptional costs for academic reasons (e.g. special equipment, additional classes or research for a dissertation).

Travel Awards (Murray Edwards College)

A number of Travel Exhibitions (typically £200-£500) are awarded each year towards the costs of travel during the Summer vacation. In addition, a total of £2,000 is available annually in the form of Panton Trust Grants to support wildlife/environmental projects.

Gateway Challenges Funding (Murray Edwards College)

Those who attend our Gateway Programme are eligible for Gateway Challenges Funding. The fund supports students in undertaking some additional activity (usually during the Summer vacation) which provides both a challenge and an opportunity for personal development. During Summer 2015 students in receipt of this funding (up to £500 per student) undertook volunteer work abroad, explored new cultures and funded their accommodation while experiencing an internship opportunity.

Gateway Gap Year Awards (Murray Edwards College)

The awards are for students who in our view would benefit significantly from a gap year before embarking on their studies at Cambridge. The gap year should involve elements of travel, earning money and enhancing skills/knowledge/experience, relevant to the chosen course of study. We interpret this flexibly. Students will be selected for the Award from within the current applicant group. The Award is designed to help those who would struggle to finance such a year without help. The maximum award is £1000.