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Photo of students at matriculation
Students at matriculation

We warmly welcome applications from academically outstanding young women. We are committed to ensuring that the benefits of studying at this Cambridge College are available to those from all backgrounds.

The main university pages provide full detail on making an application to the University of Cambridge. Do look at these for essential information.

October 2018 - our College Freshers
UK students 81%  (state 66%, independent 34%)
EU students 5%
OS students 14%

Applying to Murray Edwards College

Here we provide a 'walk-through' to show what key steps in the selection process look like for an applicant to Murray Edwards College.

Finding out about us

We have an extensive programme of activities, many unique to this College. We welcome your interest. 

September/October:   Applications 

You apply through UCAS.  On submitting your application you will be asked to complete an online Supplementary Questionnaire specific to the University of Cambridge.  You should also register for any written assessments that are relevant (usually via your school).

November:   Early selection processes


  1. You undertake written assessments (where appropriate) in your school or a local centre.
  2. After initial review of your full application and, where available, your written assessment and/or submitted written work we will either invite you for interview or let you know that your application will not be taken forward.

You can read more about how we select students for interview. In this College we also encourage school referees to contact us to request a review if they feel we have made a serious misjudgement in not inviting you for interview.

If we invite you for interview we also let you know exactly what will be involved (how many interviews and whether there are additional centrally determined written assessments in your subject). Details of the different types of assessments that may be used are available. All are designed to help us understand your academic strengths and potential. Only if you are called for interview will we ask you to submit a Fee Status Questionnaire.

December:   Interviews


We welcome you for interview.  Importantly at Murray Edwards our welcome includes a help desk run by our own students. They greet you, take you to your interview room(s), chat to you while you wait and answer any questions you may have about the College or studying at Cambridge.

January:   Decisions


In early/mid January you find out the outcome from the interviews. Prior to this some students are ‘pooled’ and some are offered a pool interview.

At Murray Edwards College, we recognise that being offered a place at an unfamiliar College may be daunting. We ensure that all students who are made offers from the Winter Pool are provided with as much information as possible to make them feel comfortable with their ‘new’ college, including a newsletter about College events, a welcome from the students and the opportunity to hear from a current student who also arrived via the Pool.

If we have interviewed you at Murray Edwards College and not offered you a place we will write to your school with constructive feedback (by the end of February), assuming you have given us permission to do so.

Please try to avoid telephoning us during this time as we will be very busy.

February/March: Getting to know us

If you have received an offer from us, congratulations! You will probably enjoy getting to know more about the college and contacting other current and prospective students via our social media links (details in footer).

In March we hold our Offerholders’ overnight stay. We invite all offerholders (who are not too distant) to come and stay for a night in college to meet one another and current students.  The event is unique to Murray Edwards College, fun, informative and very popular.

April: Checklist

We contact you in April with a reminder of some of the steps in the process that may still need to be completed before you join us in October. This includes sorting out your financial arrangements.


Most of you will be working hard on your exams now. Good luck!

July/August: Summer Reading

We provide information about preparatory reading which will help you in readiness for your new studies.

August: Results


For those taking A-levels we send out letters to confirm your place to arrive on the same day that you receive your A-level results. Those from other qualifications will hear at this time (or before) as well.

We do not make many concessions for those who have missed their offers. However, do contact us if you think you have grounds for a re-mark. Those re-marked to secure the required grade by August 31will still secure their place. We can talk you through this process.

September/October:   Arrival


We will contact you in September with full details about arriving, accommodation etc.

At Murray Edwards College we see your arrival day as a very special occasion for you, your family and for us. The Admissions Tutor will be here to greet you all individually and the Senior Tutor and President will welcome you (and your families) during the afternoon.

Do please contact us if you have any queries, we are always pleased to help and advise.

Concerns and complaints

We appreciate that concerns do arise and we encourage you to contact us promptly and informally where this is the case. Almost all potential issues involving applications to Murray Edwards College are resolved in this way. However, it is important that you know how to complain more formally if you wish to do so.  Please see the guidance on the University webpages. We will always take your concerns seriously and respond promptly.

Policy documents

We are required to make a set of policy documents readily accessible to those holding offers, as follows: