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    Arbour in Fellows' Garden in Murray Edwards College

    Student wellbeing at Murray Edwards focuses not just on addressing particular problems and issues, but is also about developing and improving upon a positive state. As such, we are not just keen to help students to deal with problems as and when they arise - although this is important - but also to help students to develop their resilience, their confidence and other relevant skills and abilities, and to make the most out of their experience here, putting themselves in the best position to fulfil their potential. Do look out for relevant talks and events.

    While a student’s tutor is usually their first port of call should a problem arise, there are many other sources of support available. There is also a great deal of useful information available on the Cambridge Students' Welfare and Wellbeing site.

    There are also some College policies and procedures which are particularly relevant for students.  These are listed on the Policies page: see, in particular, the College's Harassment and Sexual Misconduct policies and statements, Drug and Alcohol abuse policy and the College's Statement on transgender issues. 

    Registering with a GP

    All students should register with a GP on arrival in Cambridge, and should then provide the Tutorial Office with the name of their registered GP.

    If a student has previously been registered with a doctor in the UK, they will need to present their NHS card or provide their NHS number when registering in Cambridge, and will also need to provide the name and address of their previous doctor. Information will also be required on medical history (including vaccinations). Overseas students who have never been registered in the UK should take their passports when registering. Huntingdon Road Surgery is adjacent to the College and many students register here. However, there are other surgeries with which students can register.  More information on local surgeries can be found on the NHS Choices Cambridge GP services website.

    Dental services

    The University Dental Service was sold and is no longer affiliated with the University. The new owners and managers are providing continuity of treatment to NHS patients already registered under the care of the Practice. Existing patients can make an appointment by calling in to the practice or telephoning 01223 367 870.

    Students wishing to register as an NHS dental patient locally can find out which practices in the city are accepting NHS patients using the NHS search facility.

    Student Healthcare Guide

    The Student Healthcare Guide contains lots of useful information and guidance for all students in Cambridge. It covers areas such as:

    • self care
    • pharmacies
    • NHS 111
    • mental health services
    • College nurses
    • GPs
    • Meningitis vaccine
    • Patient Experience Team
    • other local NHS services and A&E