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    University and College IT services

    How to contact the College IT support services remotely

    For general IT related queries, for example to arrange an appointment in person, email:

    If you have a problem with your computer, for example if you are having problem losing your connecting to WiFi, email

    Or you can phone us on 01223 762496.

    How to contact the College IT support services in person

    Come and visit us in the IT Office. We are located in Office B2 which can be found along the Admin corridor, the door just on from the pigeon holes in the main Walkway. Generally the office is manned Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, although on occasion it may be necessary for IT staff to be elsewhere in College to assist users. If you’d like to specify a time to visit, please email

    Getting connected in College

    We provide both wired and wireless access in all areas of the main College site.  We would recommend that all College members use Eduroam to connect to the Internet. Information on how to configure your device to use Eduroam may be found on the UIS help pages.

    College computer locations set up on the University's "managed cluster service" (MCS)

    MCS computers are available in the Library for use by all students and in the MCR in Canning & Eliza for graduates students. More information about this service can be found on the UIS website.

    Passwords and **Security**

    University IT passwords can be managed here.

    Internet and IT security is increasingly important. While the IT department works to ensure robust systems, security increasingly relies on users' awareness to help avoid malicious traps set for them by hackers which exploit user psychology. To help raise awareness of Internet security the UIS provides a short on-line training course accessible from the University Virtual Learning Environment. If you have any concerns about security please contact the College IT Office or

    Free software available from the University

    Be aware that you can acquire Office ProPlus 365 for your personal devices and also anti-virus software.

    Other useful information

    This page has information on the University's IT services generally