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Finance and funding

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    Photo of students outside near the bicycle racks
    Cambridge has an extensive cycling network, which provides a cheap transport option for students

    University funding and finance can be worrying and confusing but fortunately, Cambridge is a relatively cheap place to study because of the subsidised rent, food and entertainment that is on offer. This page explains what you will need to pay and where money is available to help you.

    Tuition fees

    Tuition fees for undergraduate UK and EU students, and overseas students can be found on the University's website.

    Living costs

    Living costs include accommodation, food, travel and social activities. Individual needs vary but living costs across the University are usually around £9,160 per year. This compares to around £9,500 at Manchester, £11,000 at Southampton, £12,000 at Birmingham and £15,000 at UCL.

    Details about accommodation and food can be found here. Other College costs include the internet (around £38 per term) and 'Caution Money' (£200, which is returned when you leave minus any costs for damage).

    Financial support

    For general advice on student finance and what Government support is available to you as a Home or EU student, please look at the Government's Student Finance web pages.

    Cambridge Bursary Scheme

    The Cambridge Bursary is a generous means-tested bursary, which is available for UK and EU students (including Clinical Veterinary and Medical students). It operates on a sliding scale for students with a household income of up to £42,620 and can be worth up to £3,500 a year. It is not a loan but a gift from Cambridge University to you.

    College awards

    Rosemary Murray Fund

    The Rosemary Murray Fund assists undergraduates with expenses incurred in connection with their studies (e.g. research expenses for projects or dissertations or special equipment needs). Amounts for academically-related travel are likely to be between £50 and £300.

    Barbara White Fund

    The Barbara White Fund supports students undertaking academically-related placements over the summer vacation. Awards of £100 per week may be made for a total of up to five weeks. The Posen Fund is also available for support of this kind and applicants may be eligible for a larger award: preference will be given to Natural Scientists.

    Rosemary Murray Scholarships

    Rosemary Murray Scholarships of £400 are awarded each year to those undergraduates who perform outstandingly well (a First Class result in any year of their degree). A number of separate scholarships exist for individual subjects.

    Financial need and hardship funds

    If you experience financial difficulties during your time at Cambridge, there are both College and University funds available to help as well as advice and support from our Financial Tutor. We are committed to ensuring Home students should be able to afford the education and experience that Cambridge has to offer.