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    Read what our students have to say about studying at Murray Edwards College

    MEC graduate students are integrated into the College community and so we share in the identity and ethos of the College.

    Diverse and inclusive opportunities exist for showcasing research, promoting discussion, and learning from each other.

    As graduate students, we are valued as members of the community and the opportunities invested in us equip us to lead the way for future members.

    MCR Committee

    Many aspects of Murray Edwards College are particularly special to me, from our world renowned art collection, to the superb college boat club, and the wonderfully cared for gardens where you can pick you own fruit and vegetables! The small size of the College also means that although only being here for a relatively short time many of the College staff know me by name. The helpfulness and friendliness of those who work at Murray Edwards has really helped make my experience at Cambridge that much more special.

    The postgraduate committee, (MCR) is a great asset to all those studying at the College, providing a wealth of support both personally and financially. Being elected as one of the social secretaries for this year has given me the opportunity to help organise social events at the college, including a carnival party attended by postgraduate students from all different Cambridge colleges.

    The chance to meet, socialise and study with other women equally passionate about their particular area of study as myself is a greatly fulfilling experience, and should not be underestimated. The friendships I have developed during my time here will, I am sure, endure for life.

    Melissa Brown, LLM 

    Studying in Cambridge has been a unique and inspiring experience for me. I chose Murray Edwards College for its warm and informal atmosphere, caring and friendly staff and generous student support. I would not have been able to pursue my degree but for the generous financial support provided by the College in the form of studentship, bursary and research grants. What I also appreciate about the College is the fantastic tutorial system: I could always turn to my tutor for advice, and the tutorial officers are always ready to help. I have met many inspiring women in the College from different parts of the world. I would value the brilliant friendships I have made here for a lifetime.

    Minyao Huang, PhD in Linguistics

    To be honest, I chose Murray Edwards College because they offered bursaries for international students. However, after arriving, I realized what a wonderful opportunity it was to be at MEC and in an all-women environment. After the first couple of weeks of formal halls and matriculation events, I noticed a shift in my attention: I began assuming women were the key people I needed to interact with and I started looking to them first at mixed gender events. This made me realize that I had previously been biased toward assuming men were the key people. It was an enlightening experience.

    The informality of MEC gave it a feeling like being at home. I loved the gardens where we were encouraged to pick the fruit and vegetables for inclusion in our cooking. As Environment/Welfare officer on the MCR, I established a composting program. I also enjoyed playing the piano in the coach house.

    MEC's travel and research grants allowed me to present my research at conferences around the world. I also shared my research at the annual graduate symposium which was an excellent opportunity to connect with others and learn about their research. The college is full of talented women!

    Corina Logan, PhD in Experimental Psychology

    I chose the College as my first choice because I work in a male dominated environment, and I feel very comfortable staying in an all-female college after work. The College has provided generous financial support to students, especially overseas students like me. I was Vice-President of the MCR, which is a very active community after being social secretary previously; we had lots of social events, including a Christmas party, ice skating trip, BBQ, garden party, theme park trip, movie nights, formal hall exchanges and a punting trip.

    Li Qin, PhD in Actuarial Mathematics 

    I opted for Murray Edwards College as my first choice college as it is academically one of Cambridge's stronger colleges. Attracting students from a wide range of backgrounds, it has a lively, welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. There is a strong sense of community within the College with an open friendliness among students of different subjects. The staff are amazing, supportive and really concerned. Excellent accommodation, an amazing art collection, wonderful staff, a variety of social events and conferences, friendly and high-spirited graduate students make me feel really lucky to have chosen Murray Edwards as my College.

    Huma Saleem, PhD in Pharmacology 

    Murray Edwards was my first choice and I chose it because it is a women's college and is very open. I have met women who either already have a successful life or are working towards it at the College. This gives me inspiration and motivation to achieve more in my own career. The College gives all kind of support to its students, including financial help. I have attended a conference in Sheffield with the help of the research grants. We have a lot of social events arranged by the MCR. I worked as both vice president and president of the MCR while I was here.

    The openness and friendliness I have experienced here is something I will never forget. I feel that I definitely made the right choice.

    Ramla Shahid, PhD in Chemistry

    I found Murray Edwards and knew it was the place for me - where else would you get the opportunity to basically live in a contemporary art gallery for a year? It's such a lovely place to live for so many reasons, but a few things really stand out - the little free book swap on the edge of the garden; the gardener's chalkboard which suggested music to download and listen to while relaxing outside in the summer; the architecture, especially when lit up at night; the amazing graduate formals where I caught up with all the lovely people I had met at the College while eating tasty food. I loved every minute of my time at Murray Edwards - it's a warm, friendly, caring college, and I would recommend anyone to apply. 

    Kathryn Spicksley, PGCE 

    Known for its outstanding graduate accommodation, immense tutorial support, and diverse student community, Murray Edwards is an environment in which students can thrive socially and intellectually. The wide array of social events hosted by the MCR, great food offered in the dome, accessible fellowship, alumna networking events, and beautiful orchards and gardens are only some of the many qualities of Murray Edwards that have made my graduate experience here so enjoyable and worthwhile.

    Cleo Tung, MPhil in Criminological Research