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Murray Edwards College
University of Cambridge

Harassment and Bullying

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Murray Edwards College is committed to providing an environment that is free from discrimination and affirms the right of all members to be treated with dignity and respect. The College will not tolerate harassment of one member of its community by another nor sexual misconduct. The College will take allegations of harassment and sexual misconduct very seriously and may take action, including disciplinary action, in response to a complaint from a student.

For confidential support and advice on harassment or misconduct, please contact:
  • Your Tutor
  • The Deputy Senior Tutor (Dr Filippucci,
  • The College’s Harassment Contact / Senior Tutor (Dr Kate Peters,

Please follow the links below for more information about the College’s policies, guidance and procedures for handling complaints of harassment or sexual misconduct made by students.     

Code of conduct in respect to harassment and sexual misconduct

Statement on harassment and sexual misconduct

Advice and support on sexual harassment and assault

Harassment and Sexual Misconduct: summary guidance on procedures for students

Murray Edwards College formal procedure for cases raised by students about other students

Policy on the use of personal information under the procedure for handling cases of student harassment and sexual misconduct

Advice on mediation