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Booking Supervision Rooms

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This page is for Director of Studies (DoS)/external DoS, College Teaching Fellow (CTO) or Supervisors approved by the DoS or Fellow to book rooms for Supervisions.

How to book rooms for supervisions

Please forward your booking confirmation to all attendees in that supervision group, as it contains the link to the Covid-19 Important Reminders page.

  • Complete the form below.
  • You will be allocated a room based on your requirements and the other booking requirements on that day.
  • Your room will be confirmed to you by email. Upon receiving your booking confirmation, you must forward this to your attendees, as it contains links to maps, arrival information and guidelines on expected behaviour. Please be mindful of data protection.
  • Cleaning equipment and instructions will be left in the room. Where possible we ask that the Event Organiser (Fellow or DoS) cleans the room to alleviate pressure on the cleaning team. We appreciate this is not always possible and you can indicate your preference on the booking form.
  • Please note Events do not book Fellows' Offices. This can be managed by the Fellow.

    Suggested capacities for supervision rooms

    Cleaning guidelines for back-to-back supervisions and Fellows' Offices supervisions

    Between groups we recommend:

    • Leaving approximately 15 minutes between groups. This enables the cleaning to be done, ventilation to be done and also for the Fellow to have a comfort break should they need to.
    • For particularly long or if you are conducting a number of back-to-back supervisions in one day (or if you cannot keep windows open throughout sessions), it is advisable to leave some breaks where nobody is in the room and to ventilate it extensively during this break.
    • Use the cleaning equipment provided to clean the space.
    • Consider the high contact points, such as door handles, window handles, light switches, wall mounted controls for AV or air conditioning units, and table edges.
    • Disinfect whiteboards and portable AV equipment.
    • Whenever possible keep windows open the whole time the room is in use, this may mean dressing more warmly. If it is too cold to leave windows wide open at all times, it is important to leave at them open between groups.

    Further information

    Events in College: Covid-19 Important Information

    Covid-19 Latest Guidance.