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Areas of Support

Our College priorities

Areas supported by the College Priorities Fund include maintaining our iconic Grade II*-listed buildings, providing the College-based supervision sessions that are at the heart of the Cambridge experience, and supporting students with bursaries, scholarships, and hardship funding to ensure that everyone can make the most of their time here. Gifts to the College Priorities Fund are extremely valuable to us as they can be used at the College's discretion to support areas of greatest need, giving us the flexibility to respond rapidly to unexpected circumstances and to add resources where we feel they will have maximum impact.

Student Support

Financial hardship is the largest barrier to students studying at university. By taking away this barrier, we can continue our founders’ legacy of supporting exceptional young women to achieve a Cambridge education, regardless of their background

The Rosemary Murray Fund is the College's main way of providing financial support to students. Donations to the Rosemary Murray Fund enable us to support students through hardship grants, travel grants, scholarships and prizes. We also offer non-repayable Bursaries of up to £4,500 to undergraduates who come from low-income families, and many of the recipients would not be able to study at Murray Edwards without this support.

Two students chatting and smiling at each other, seated at a desk in a College bedroom

Sustainability – Buildings and Gardens

Donations to the College’s Buildings and Gardens help us to maintain and develop the College’s iconic Grade II*-listed buildings, and enhance our site’s environmental sustainability. Murray Edwards’ current students have a saying: Dome is Home. From the beautiful gardens surrounding the buildings, to the Women’s Art Collection displayed across every part of the College, Murray Edwards is a stunning home for our community.

Cluster of potted herbs in a sunny garden

Academic Excellence

Academic excellence is at the heart of what we do. Support in this area goes towards the in-College teaching and supervision system that is at the heart of a Cambridge education. We also provide additional support to students through the Gateway Programme, helping students to make the most out of their degrees and and instilling confidence in navigating the wider world of work as they approach graduation. 

Four students walking side-by-side down a corridor, with a glass wall on one side, and a gallery wall with artworks on the other