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Theology, Religion & Philosophy of Religion

Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion gives you a deep and nuanced understanding of the significance of religion and its cultural contexts

Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion (TRPR) is exciting, challenging, intellectually rigorous and extremely interdisciplinary. The course gives you considerable freedom: it is possible to select papers on a broad range of topics, encompassing the history, practice and thought of the major world religions of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. You can also combine your interest in religion with areas such as history, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, literature, politics, and science. More details about the course can be found on the University website

TRPR at Murray Edwards

Murray Edwards is a fantastic and supportive environment for TRPR students. Although TRPR is a small subject overall in Cambridge (around 1-2 students per year at each College), the subject community is bright and lively. At Murray Edwards, you will join an overall undergraduate cohort of about 6 and there are plenty of opportunities for socialising and discussion with your peers, both within the College and across the wider TRPR cohort in Cambridge. 

Typical offer

A Level: A*AA 

IB: 42 (776)

Required subjects

No specific subjects are required.

Admissions assessment

No admissions assessment is required.

Written work

Applicants are required to submit two pieces of written work.