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Psychological & Behavioural Sciences

PBS gives you a choice of routes to study cognitive, social, developmental and biological psychology, all within the broader context of the behavioural sciences

Psychological and Behavioural Sciences (PBS) is an exciting course which allows you to build firm foundations in core areas of psychology, before specialising in the areas that interest you most. Cambridge has an impressive history of ground-breaking work in the study of the brain basis of behaviour. Today’s cutting-edge research is most often built on interdisciplinary interactions, for example involving close collaborations between neuroscientists and psychologists. The PBS course gives you a similar choice of how you want to study the brain and/or behaviour, and you have the freedom to follow your interests. More details about the course can be found on the University website

PBS at Murray Edwards

Murray Edwards typically admits three PBS students per year, so you will be part of a cohort of around 10 PBS undergraduates in the College at any one time. There are excellent facilities for study, and the reading materials that support the course are available in the Rosemary Murray Library, which is open 24/7. Our network of former PBS students is steadily growing, and you will join a close and enthusiastic group of students, postgraduates, and Fellows who share your academic interests.

Typical offer

A Level: A*A*A 
IB: 42 (776)

Required subjects

A Level: A Level Mathematics or A Level Biology 
IB: HL Mathematics or HL Biology 

Previous study of Psychology is neither particularly recommended nor a disadvantage.

Admissions assessment

No admissions assessment is required.

Written work

Applicants are required to submit two pieces of written work.

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