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Murray Edwards College
University of Cambridge

Why choose Murray Edwards College?

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    Murray Edwards Graduates
    Murray Edwards College graduates

    Murray Edwards College combines real academic excellence with strong pastoral support, as well as being a place where you can feel at home. Magdalen (English)




    Murray Edwards College is for women who aim high...

    1.  You can excel in your studies

    Study here is exciting, demanding and rewarding. We are delighted that each year 92% of our Finalists achieve a 2.1 or 1st. We provide you with very strong teaching support from within the College and through the wider University. Our support includes a popular series of structured workshops with peer advisors (part of our unique Gateway Programme) to help you make a quick and effective transition into your academic studies at Cambridge.

    2. You can build your experience with travels and career placements

    We provide opportunities for you to expand your experience and grow as individuals. You will be well-placed to succeed in whatever future role you choose.  Central to this is our Gateway Programme which supports your wider personal development ( as well as your academic progress) through workshops and career placements. Every year as part of this programme students receive funding to engage in ambitious travels, challenges and volunteer activities.

    3. You are warmly welcomed

    We are informal and open. You will notice this in our atmosphere and in the events that we offer.  These include our unique Offerholders Overnight Stay, our personal welcome to you and your families on arrival day and by our seasonal events like Apple Day and by larger student gatherings such as our Summer Garden Party.

    4. We put women first

    We want young women to achieve academically and within whatever career path or future they choose. Recent new initiatives have included: