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Veterinary Science - Tamsin Hichens

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    Deciding to study

    I have always wanted to be a vet, so deciding to study Veterinary Medicine was not really a decision at all! However, when I received the offer from Murray Edwards I did have to decide whether I thought it was for me, and I am so glad I did. Going to uni at all was a big deal for my family as I am the first in my household – a family of farmers from the far west of Cornwall – let alone going somewhere that was a 6 hour drive from home! But the atmosphere at Murray Edwards is so friendly and welcoming that I didn’t really notice I was so far away, and I would now call college my home too.

    The value of the College system

    The college system is a great advantage of Cambridge as a place to study, as your tutor, supervisors and other college staff know you well and care for you as an individual person. The pastoral and academic help are second-to-none, allowing you to really succeed and simultaneously enjoy university life.

    Another pro of the college system is all the societies it generates, and variety of different levels of commitment required, from college to university level. I enjoy a range of sports so find that the fun, low-intensity level of college sport perfect, allowing me to participate in many things. I am joint-captain of the second netball team and president of our Veterinary Society this year, both things I am extremely proud to be a part of as I will be representing Murray Edwards.

    My week

    It goes without saying that a veterinary degree is hard work, and my average week is pretty full of lectures, practicals and supervisions alongside netball, VetSoc and attending other talks and social events. But after an intense 8-week term, the longer holidays give you plenty of time to catch up on work, sleep and do some practical placements, and the summer holiday is completely free! Striking a work-life balance is very important – after all you have six years to get through before you qualify, but in the end, all of the hard work will be worth and the years fly by, and I am sad to say I am already a third of the way through!

    Choosing Murray Edwards

    For anyone thinking of applying to do veterinary medicine at Murray Edwards I would say go for it! The college provides the perfect environment to really succeed on the course, as well as enjoying student life to the full.  The location of Murray Edwards suited me very well, as there are plenty of fields nearby to enjoy, and you are only 5 minutes away from the vet school and the route to town is all downhill! All in all, I would truly recommend Murray Edwards as a place to study, and would like to thank them for all I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy in my time spent here.