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Finance and funding

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Photo of students outside near the bicycle racks
Cambridge has an extensive cycling network, which provides a cheap transport option for students

We are committed to the principle that no UK student should be prevented from coming to Cambridge for financial reasons.  However, students from overseas do have to provide a substantial contribution towards their own financial support.

Fortunately Cambridge is one of the cheaper Universities in the UK in which to complete an undergraduate degree. Terms are short and most students are accommodated within the College for their full period of study. This means that students pay for accommodation during term time only.

Cambridge graduates are in high demand so on completing your degree you should find that you are very well placed to earn a good income in the future.

We summarise the costs below and further detail is available on the finance pages of the University of Cambridge website.  Other pages cover funding your studies and the additional sources of funding you can access while studying with us.

Tuition fees

UK/EU students coming to Cambridge will pay tuition fees of £9,250 per year towards the cost of their teaching and study facilities. 

Overseas students pay higher tuition fees and a college fee (together amounting to £20,000-£40,000 per year depending on the course).

Living costs

Living costs include accommodation, food, travel and social activities. Individual needs vary, but living costs across the university are usually around £9,160 per year.

Accommodation: Accommodation is available in College so students only pay for their room during term time (and not for the entire year as is common when renting privately within a town). College rents are similar to those in other UK universities and other Cambridge colleges. Students spend around £5,000 per year on their college room (including heating and a 'kitchen overhead' charge).

Food: A two course cafeteria lunch or evening meal in College costs around £6.

Travel: Minimal costs - Cambridge is a small city so students usually get around by bike or on foot.

Books: The Rosemary Murray library is one of the best stocked college libraries in Cambridge for undergraduates, with around 60,000 volumes. All undergraduates are able to use and borrow from this library. In addition students may use the university library and departmental libraries so that the requirement to purchase books is limited, and students tell us that they do not feel the need to spend significantly on books.

Internet access/computers: Wired and wireless Internet connectivity is available in all College rooms on the main site, the cost of which is about £38 per term, far below commercial rates. There is also a good computer suite in the College providing everything necessary, including site licensed software not available for (or too expensive for) individual students.

Other costs: Events run in colleges are often very cheap and many University and College clubs and societies cost only a few pounds each year to take part in.

Caution money: The College requires all new students to make a payment of £200, called 'Caution Money'. This amount will be held until the student leaves Cambridge and will be applied against any amount then owing to the College.