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Academic life

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Photo of students undertaking a supervision
Students in a group supervision with their Director of Studies

Academic achievement

We celebrate the achievements of all our students and the enthusiasm and commitment that this involves; around 92% of our students graduate with a 1st or 2.1.

Teaching and guidance

We provide you with very strong teaching both within College and from across the University. Our Fellowship (our academic teachers and researchers) are highly committed with considerable expertise in their fields of study.  

Within each subject there is a designated Director of Studies who is an experienced academic responsible for guiding the academic progress of every college student. You will meet with your Director of Studies on a regular basis. You will usually have some supervisions in College in addition to lectures, practicals and seminars held in the Departments alongside students from all other colleges.

The College also has experienced personal tutors who will help you with concerns that may be affecting your studies that are not directly related to your course.

"My experience at Murray Edwards is typified by the unparalleled support I received from my Director of Studies, Tutor and the fantastic friends I have made over the past three years." Linguistics Finalist

All Cambridge students are expected to work hard, usually studying for around 48 hours per week during term. Some time during vacations should also be committed to academic studies. Although this may sound challenging students usually find that the workload very achievable, especially given their passion for the subject and the stimulating environment around them.

College Library

The striking college library, the Rosemary Murray Library, holds around 60,000 books as well as DVDs and CDs. It holds core texts for part 1 courses and some specialist material for part 2. There are 100 places for readers and it is open 24 hours a day. The extensive collection, space and unrestricted access is much appreciated by our students especially when approaching exams or essay deadlines! An annex adjacent to the library accommodates computers, a photocopier and a colour printer for student use.

Getting a head start 

Most students arrive in Cambridge with great excitement and some trepidation at the challenges ahead. In response the College has introduced a unique programme to help you to make the most of your life at Cambridge and the career opportunities beyond: the Gateway ProgrammeIn the first year the programme helps students to make a successful transition into Cambridge life by exploring issues such as managing time, making optimal use of the supervision system and understanding what constitutes good work.

We also contribute more widely to initiatives which seek to understand and further the interests and progress of women across the University.

Careers and beyond

Cambridge students are very highly regarded by employers and most graduates are able to secure employment and a very good income. The Gateway Programme (unique to Murray Edwards College) includes sessions on CVs and employment interviews and also provides opportunities for college-specific internships and work shadowing. We aim to embrace a good range of sectors including not-for-profit, publishing, industry and health care management (the exact mix changes each year). This College provision complements the information and activities offered through the main University Careers Service.

"Gateway is a fantastic opportunity for any student at Medwards - both for those who have a set career path and for those, like me, who had no idea what they wanted to do!" History Finalist

Living in College

To achieve academically students need to feel fulfilled and challenged in both the academic and personal spheres of their lives. College provides the active, supportive community and the well-managed facilities as the essential basis for this. Most students live in College for their full 3 or 4 years of undergraduate study. 

Celebrating those who studied here before

We keep in close touch with our graduates. Many build on their studies and their experiences here to achieve success in a wide range of fields.