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Why a college for women?

We focus specifically on women's learning and wellbeing to give you the best experience in a space that is just for you
Female students on a lawn laughing as they try to do backbends

We see a college for women as a positive choice, and our students do too.

Our focus is always on providing the best support for women, in their academic work, in their lives at Cambridge, and in their preparations for their careers once they leave. Our alumnae, who succeed and make a difference in every kind of sphere, provide inspiration for our current students, proving that there need be no limit to their ambitions.

This isn't a women-only college: men are welcome at Murray Edwards as academics, staff and visitors. But everything we do is designed to give women the best experience at Cambridge.

How does Murray Edwards help women succeed?
  • We pay special attention to how women learn within the overall co-educational context of Cambridge. Women are still in a small minority in some STEM subjects, but here you will always be learning alongside other women, helping you feel supported and confident.
  • We offer a stimulating, active and academic environment. We run talk and lectures specifically designed to match our students' interests.
  • We advise our students about their career options, and we support them in applying for jobs through CV preparation, mock interviews and internships.
  • We provide a warm, friendly and inclusive 'home from home'. Our students tell us they love to come back to their own space at College after studying or socialising.
  • When students complete their studies here, they leave with the skills and confidence to achieve their dreams and are prepared for the challenges ahead.
  • The College has produced outstanding, independent-minded women across different careers. Our alumnae support each other and new generations of young women just starting out in their careers.