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Postgraduate funding

Find out more about funding and scholarships for applicants for postgraduate study

Funding for postgraduate applicants

The cost of studying as a postgraduate at the University of Cambridge is broken down into the University Composition Fee and maintenance. In the finance section of the postgraduate admissions website, applicants should calculate their minimum annual financial commitment.

The Financial Undertaking

All postgraduate students admitted via the Student Registry are required to sign a Financial Undertaking Form before admission is confirmed. A completed and signed Financial Undertaking confirms that you have the necessary funds available to support your studies throughout the whole of your course.

It is University and College policy that all postgraduate students pay their tuition fees for the academic year in full in October. Students receive their invoices upon arrival. Instalment plans are only ever arranged for students whose scholarships require this arrangement.

Sponsor agreements must be sent to the Student Accounts office before or at arrival.

College funding for applicants

Awards available to applicants by Murray Edwards College include:

Vice-Chancellor-Murray Edwards UK Awards

Cambridge Murray Edwards UK Masters Scholarships

The Stephan Körner Graduate Scholarship

Each year, Murray Edwards College offers one Stephan Körner Graduate Scholarship of £3,000 per year. This scholarship will be awarded to a graduate who preferably selects Murray Edwards as her first choice College and is embarking on an MPhil or a PhD course in Philosophy, Classics or Law.

Aziz Foundation Scholarships

A Masters scholarship programme in partnership with the Aziz Foundation, a charity which funds British Muslim scholars to study at UK universities and then supports them to make meaningful contributions in their careers, communities and wider society. The programme is the first to be targeted by the Foundation exclusively at women.

Funded jointly by the College and the Foundation, recipients of the Scholarships will have their tuition fees paid for an eligible Masters degree at Murray Edwards College.   More info here:

The Simona Parvani-Mellinghoff Scholarship

Scholarship for an Italian Masters student, studying STEM or Economics at Murray Edwards College. Funded generously by Simona Paravani-Mellinghoff. The student will be awarded a minimum of £18,500 which can be used for maintenance or fees. This scholarship will be awarded to a graduate who preferably selects Murray Edwards as her first choice College.

Parasol Foundation Scholarship

The Parasol Foundation Trust has generously committed to supporting three female home-fee status students a year for a period of two years (six home students overall) for the MAst in Astrophysics, MPhil in Astronomy, or MPhil in Planetary Science and Life in the Universe between the years 2024/2025 and 2025/2026. The Parasol Foundation Scholarship will fully support master's students in the Institute of Astronomy with their course costs, living costs, and a research grant. These scholarships are made possible by the generous support of the Parasol Foundation Trust.

University funding for applicants

The Postgraduate Admissions Funding information provides details of university-wide funding opportunities.