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    13 July 2022

    We were delighted to welcome the Year 4 students from Mayfield Primary School, Cambridge, to the College recently to see the sculpture in our gardens.  Not only did they draw the works from The Women's Art Collection whilst they were here, they also were inspired to make their own sculptural masterpieces when they returned to their classroom.

    President, Dorothy Byrne, met with them to tell them about our collection and we had some amazing reviews from the students....

    'Thank you so much, it was really delightful.  I definitely plan to visit again, but with my family.'

    'I can't believe that 1% women's art is in the National Gallery but in Murray Edwards College it's 100% women!'

    'I liked the Cow Says Moo statue because it was lying on its back.  I loved every single one and couldn't stop looking at the one under the wooden shelter.'

    If you are interested in visiting The Women's Art Collection, it is open daily from 10am to 6pm.  Self guided tours are available from the Porters' Lodge. Schools are very welcome - please contact for more information.