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    16 August 2020

    Murray Edwards College recognises this has been a challenging year for all students, parents and teachers, and a distressing one for some.

    This year, as every year, the College has considered each application individually and holistically. Following the release of A Level results, the College has undertaken a very serious review of all the applications of those who did not meet their offer requirements. In doing so, we have considered each student’s academic record, school/college reference, personal statement, any written work submitted, performance in any written assessment, contextual data (including the geo-demographic data, school/college data and data on individual circumstances) and performance at interview. This careful assessment has allowed us to confirm places for a significant number of students with calculated A Level grades below our original offers.

    Although the admissions process is still ongoing, initial figures indicate the proportion of UK state school students due to be admitted this coming academic year exceeds that of previous years. We will publish our figures once the outcome of appeals is known.

    The College has guaranteed to honour any offer met or exceeded as a result of the appeal process. All current offer holders who choose to sit the A Level examinations scheduled for the autumn, and who subsequently meet or exceed their offers, will be able to rollover their offer for admission in the 2021/22 academic year. We are guiding and supporting students in this regard.