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Student graduates whilst carrying her baby in a sling

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    10 December 2021

    Graduation ceremonies at Cambridge happen several times a year and they are always joyous occasions. After years of hard work, the fruits of a student’s labour are recognised in a formal ceremony held at Senate House. In the case of Carrie Goucher (PhD, Engineering Design), there was an additional reason to celebrate: she was presented with her degree while carrying her 12-week old daughter, Philippa, in a sling.

    It is thought this is the first time a student has graduated wearing a baby under her gown as there is no record of it happening before.

    It was a bitterly cold day and as she was so warm and settled in the sling, the officials at the Senate House were happy for her to stay put for the ceremony. A big thank you to the University of Cambridge and to the best Cambridge College (Murray Edwards) for your hospitality and support. Carrie Goucher

    Carrie emphasises that wearing her baby was simply the best way to keep a baby settled and warm on a long and very cold day during storm Arwen:

    Under the circumstances, it was best for the baby and mother, and I am grateful that the University were helpful and supportive of this.

    Dorothy Byrne, President of Murray Edwards College comments:

    It was an honour to be able to present Dr Carrie Goucher with her degree – made all the more special by the presence of little Philippa. This is a wonderful example of the way Cambridge University is changing to be more inclusive.

    Carrie learnt to wrap her baby through Dr Rosie Knowles – a GP who promotes baby wearing. You can find out more on the Carrying Matters website.