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Responsible investment

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    11 August 2020

    Murray Edwards College has an endowment to provide investment income to support its charitable objectives of learning, education and research, and maintaining a College for students to study degrees at the University of Cambridge. 

    Funds invested total approximately £70million, and the College takes into account social responsibility and ethical considerations in determining how to invest these funds.

    Protection of the global environment, and promotion of human rights, good business ethics and sound employment practices are fundamental tenets of the College’s policy on responsible investing.

    Our commitment

    The College does not invest directly in high-impact fossil fuels, tobacco manufacturers, or weapons manufacturers. In addition, and in partnership with our primary fund manager, CCLA, the College is also taking steps to ensure that indirect investment in any of these areas is minimised and kept under constant review.

    About CCLA

    •    CCLA’s policies can be viewed via their website.
    •    CCLA also provide information on the Fund’s climate change policies
    •    The Fund publishes a complete list of its holdings twice a year. The latest available is from 31 December 2019 and can be viewed here
    •    The Fund has also disposed of its remaining interests in extractive fossil fuel companies (Shell and Total). 
    •    The Fund draws attention to the available investments in wind, solar and other renewable energy companies.

    Proactive engagement

    The College has proactively engaged with CCLA on the issue of fossil fuels through dedicated Investment Committee meetings with CCLA’s Head of Ethical and Responsible Investment. The College has also engaged with students who have shared climate change concerns by arranging an open-door meeting with CCLA so they can understand the Fund’s approach to climate change and how the College invests its endowment.