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Recirculating Plastic

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    25 May 2021

    In September 2020, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales launched RE:TV as part of his Sustainable Markets Initiative. With the Prince taking an active role as editor-in-chief, RE:TV provides a showcase for inspiring innovations and ideas that point the way towards a sustainable future for us all.

    The latest film from RE:TV features Dr Anna Barford (College Bye Fellow and Prince of Wales Sustainability Fellow, CISL Pathways to a Circular Economy) and Dr Gabriel Okello (Prince of Wales Sustainability Fellow, CISL Air Quality and Diseases).

    From the RE:TV website:

    "Like many countries in the developing world, Uganda lacks a formal infrastructure for waste recycling. Much of the country's discarded plastic is abandoned and burned in open land, causing severe damage to the environment and people's health. In Masaka county, southern Uganda, EcoBrixs has come up with a way of dealing with this waste responsibly. They pay local people to collect plastic waste, and then recycle into products like fence posts and paving slabs which are sold back to the local community - usually at a lower cost less than their non-recycled competitors."

    Find out more and watch the short film on the RE:TV website.