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You Qi Yuki Pan: Walking the Kerry Way Trial, Ireland

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    16 Dec
    You Qi and friend hiking along a street

    The main purpose of the trip was to do the Kerry way, a 210km long distance trail in Ireland. The first day saw amazing weather, as we walked along the Gap of Dunloe into Black Valley. The walk continued along undulating country lanes and finally to the sea locked between Dingle and Kerry. Waterville looked out to the Atlantic Ocean, the waves crashed relentlessly on the rocks of the shore in sync with the swirling clouds and howling winds.
    The walk was not without troubles too. Rain poured endlessly, soaking completely through our waterproof clothes and shoes. Plenty of time was spent hopping between tuffs of grass, a rarity amongst the bog land that seemed to cover all the way from the lakes to the top of the hills. 

    Unfortunately, I pulled my Achilles tendon so I was unable to complete the walk. Instead I spent the last few days exploring areas near the villages and cycling.

    At the end, I visited Dublin briefly and learnt some history about the city before coming back to Cambridge via ferry and train.

    You Qi Yuki Pan
    Natural Sciences