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Beth Durham: Independent travel to Larnaca, Cyprus

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    05 Dec
    Beth Durham and her friend on a segway

    This July, due to the financial help I received from Gateway funding, my friend and I were able to embark on a trip to Larnaca, Cyprus. The week-long holiday was filled with both action in terms of exploring the town and relaxation time, with our hotel located near a beautiful beach. 

    We both revelled in the Cypriot culture by trying new food and engaging with the locals; becoming friendly with the owner at our local bar meant we were taught some Greek language, which was interesting albeit difficult to pick up (and when we struggled, his fluent English was always on standby to aid us).

    We took advantage of the beach not only for relaxation but also for trying new activities including snorkeling. 

    Our hotel was located a few miles out from the town so to visit the centre (which we did for meals, shopping and exploring the local area), we were reliant on buses. Although this sounds like a simple task, I had previously rarely used public transport abroad so this was a good skill for me to develop.

    Most days were spent relaxing either by the pool or on the beach. However one day, we hired motor segways which allowed us to explore new areas of the town that we hadn’t visited before due to the strong heat throughout the day making the walking distance a daunting task. This was one of my personal holiday highlights (until my segway ceased to work halfway through our allotted hire period due to a battery fault, which was swiftly mended by a helpful local from the hire company) mainly because it gave us the opportunity to explore areas that we had previously only seen through bus or taxi windows. 

    The holiday was very fun and enjoyable and has aided my independence through making me conscious of my spending as I was on a budget (which was massively helped by Gateway funding).

    I would like to thank Gateway for their support in making this trip financially possible and enjoyable – it was the perfect way to relax and experience a new country with my friend after graduation.

    Beth Durham
    Veterinary Medicine