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Aparna Singh: Work experience as a Legal Intern

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    09 Dec

    At present, I am gaining work experience as a Legal Intern at a very prestigious law firm in London, Fietta LLP, which specialises in public international law. In my opinion, the practitioners at this law firm are not only experts in various areas of public international law, such as investor-state arbitration, international maritime laws, etc. but also pioneers, making tremendous contributions to the field of public international law. This experience has helped me put theory into practice in the truest sense (at Cambridge, I specialised in Public International Law and opted for subjects, such as International Investment Law and Law of International Organisations). The knowledge obtained at Cambridge has stood me in good stead at the firm.

    The working atmosphere here is intellectually stimulating and rewarding. Another positive point about the firm is that the lawyers and the administration at the workplace are a pleasure to work with. Each and every lawyer at the firm encourages independent thought and collaboration, which has helped me gain confidence in my abilities. I believe this experience will definitely be one of my most fruitful and worthwhile I have had in the UK.

    The amount awarded to me helped ease the financial burden of living in London. I utilized the entire amount for travelling to and from the office and home. At a time when one works on a voluntary basis or as an intern, every penny counts. This generous award made by the College through the Gateway Challenges Programme is sincerely appreciated. It made travel easily affordable for me during this internship, allowing me to use my stipend for other basic living necessities.

    I would once again like to take this opportunity to thank you for granting me this award.

    Aparna Singh