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Amelia Rout: Independent travel to Europe

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    05 Dec
    Amelia Rout

    With my Gateway funding, two of my closest friends and I decided to explore some of the cities in Europe.

    Our first stop was Amsterdam. Here we explored the canals throughout the city both on foot and by boat, as well as visiting the many galleries in Museum square – such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. We also visited the Anne Frank house, which was incredibly moving and one of the main reasons we chose Amsterdam to visit. The museum consisted of extracts from her diary and images from the time, as well as a look through the house itself; it was well worth the visit. Our final outing in Amsterdam was visiting the botanical gardens, which were beautiful and a perfect end to this visit.

    Then we went to Prague, which was very hot for the entirety of our time there. We joined some walking tours around the area, learning about how it was affected after WW2. We also explored the Národní Museum that was just down the road from our hostel, the architecture of which was beautiful. The Charles Bridge and Prague Castle were also on our list of things to do, and they did not disappoint, despite the very large hill we had to climb to reach the castle – the hill did give us a fabulous view of Prague.
    Copenhagen was much less warm than the prior two places, and thus consisted of many chilly walks. We again visited museums and tried local food, as well as going to the Little Mermaid statue - we found out that many tourists find the statue overrated, and although we really liked it, we also visited the Genetically Modified Little Mermaid which is a popular alternative, not far from the original. Also, we saw the palace and learnt the story of the royals, as well as visiting the very famous colourful buildings along Nyhavn – a perfect photo opportunity.

    Overall, our trip was amazing – we got to learn a lot about the cities and countries that we visited, and I would recommend Gateway to any student at Murray Edwards College, due to the opportunities it will allow them to experience.

    Amelia Rout