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British Academy Shakespeare Lecture

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    10 May

    We are delighted that Dr Raphael Lyne, one of our Fellows in English, is giving the 2018 British Academy Shakespeare Lecture at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, part of Shakespeare's Globe, this evening. The lecture, entitled "Shakespeare and the Wandering Mind" will argue that Shakespeare depicts interesting patterns of attentiveness within his works, and that at times he also creates the opportunity and even the need for the minds of audiences and readers to wander.

    Our President, Barbara Stocking, attended the lecture and said: "Raphael gave the most stunning lecture, combining cognitive psychology with his deep, insightful knowledge of Shakespeare. He showed us why the brain needs to wanter to process and to plan, and how Shakespeare so cleverly manages characters so as to provide them with time to do this. And it was brilliantly witty!"