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New support announced for LGBTQ+ students at Murray Edwards

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    25 August 2021

    Murray Edwards College proudly flies the Rainbow Flag and the Transgender Flag on key dates in the LGBTQ+ calendar – but we know there is so much more we can do to show that we provide a warm and welcoming environment for students who self-identify within the broad spectrum of LGBTQ+ identities. 

    As part of our continued efforts to provide an inclusive space for all, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Geoffrey Maguire (he/him) to the newly created position of LGBTQ+ Fellow – a role designed to help increase the visibility of the support available to students, staff and Fellows on LGBTQ+ issues. The appointment is one of a number of steps that Murray Edwards is taking to help ensure all those within the College community feel comfortable in expressing their identities fully and proudly.

    In his role as LGBTQ+ Fellow, Dr Maguire has been responsible for convening a new LGBTQ+ Working Group, comprised of Fellows, staff and students. Following the launch of the SU Care+ Campaign in February 2021, the Group first met in Lent Term to discuss social events that we can hold throughout the year and how we can best promote equality and diversity among the student body, staff and Fellowship. Keep an eye out for more details in Michaelmas 2021!

    Dr Maguire says:

    I am so proud of Murray Edwards for being one of the first five Colleges in Cambridge to support the Care+ Campaign. Murray Edwards has always been committed to championing equality and to embracing diversity, and this step towards making the College – and Cambridge – a more inclusive space for LGBTQ+ students, staff and Fellows is a welcome part of that ethos.

    Elliot Aitken, JCR Trans and Non-Binary Officer says:

    It's great to hear that Murray Edwards is taking these steps to help its LGBTQ+ community. As the JCR's Trans & Non-Binary Officer, I think it's really important that we can have these discussions to help our community in College to feel safe and supported. This will be a great step in helping to achieve that.

    Find out more about the LGBTQ+ Community at Murray Edwards College.