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New Hall Art Collection launches new exhibition, 'Women in Art: Hong Kong'

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    11 March 2019

    On Thursday 7 March, the New Hall Art Collection launched a new exhibition, Women in Art: Hong Kong. The exhibition is open to visitors until 31 July 2019.Women in Art: Hong Kong

    Murray Edwards College was delighted to welcome over 50 people to the launch event, including guest speakers Daphne King Yao, Director of Alisan Fine Arts in Hong Kong and Eliza Gluckman, Senior Curator of the Government Art Collection. Daphne spoke about women artists in Hong Kong and the significance of having the exhibition in Cambridge. Eliza, who is the former curator of the New Hall Art Collection, talked about the research behind the exhibition, which focuses on the status and representation of women artists working in Hong Kong over the last five decades. 

    Naomi Polonsky, Art Assistant at the New Hall Art Collection, commented: “We are very excited about this new exhibition and were thrilled with how well it was received at the launch. We hope the display will give visitors an insight into the artistic development in Hong Kong over the last 50 years and that it will go some way in combatting the underrepresentation of women artists from Hong Kong in arts institutions around the world.”

    Celebrating artistic development in Hong Kong

    The exhibition brings together the works of seven contemporary women artists covering the past 50 years of artistic development in Hong Kong. The works, which are in a variety of mediums from ink drawing to installation, explore contemporary politics and the role of women artists within it. This timeframe encapsulates a period of monumental political and artistic change in Hong Kong and the rest of the world, complementing the existing international modern and contemporary artworks in the New Hall Art Collection.

    Find out more about Women in Art: Hong Kong.

    The New Hall Art Collection currently has over 500 artworks housed at Murray Edwards College and is the largest collection of artworks by women in Europe.