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Murray Edwards College launches two new reports as part of the Collaborating with Men research project

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    17 September 2019

    On Tuesday 17 September 2019, we launched two new reports as part of the Collaborating with Men programme of quantitative and qualitative research:

    The reports bring together our three-year programme of workshops, survey research with a gender-balanced sample of 7000 UK-based employees, and collaboration with organisations who are acting on gender inclusion. Both reports suggest practical ways in which men can collaborate with women to facilitate a more inclusive workplace culture, counter the impact of unintentional gender bias and promote equality of opportunity.

    Inclusive Networking and Sponsorship presents evidence that despite widespread mentoring initiatives, women perceive they have less access than their male colleagues to informal networks and the powerful benefits of career sponsorship. The report includes suggestions and actions for individuals and managers on how to make informal networks more inclusive. The report also presents case studies on how to run effective sponsorship programmes across the private and public sectors.

    Download the Inclusive Networking and Sponsorship report.

    Everyday Workplace Inclusion presents evidence from our gender-balanced survey across 25 organisations on the gender gulf in perceptions about the impact of unintentional gender bias on career progress. The report suggests how to involve men in working with women on gender issues. The report also provides practical suggestions on what individuals, leaders and people managers can do to behave in a more inclusive way. Examples include how to give more gender-neutral feedback, how to intervene when people are interrupted or not credited for their contributions in meetings, how to call out every day gender bias and what to do when you are called out. These ideas come from our research participants and draw on case studies from organisations that are going beyond unconscious bias training to deliver everyday inclusion.

    Download the Everyday Workplace Inclusion report.

    Find out more about the research project by visiting the Collaborating with Men page on our website.