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Making a life: a youth employment agenda

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    09 August 2019

    In April 2019, Murray Edwards College hosted a workshop entitled, Getting by: how will young people make a living? The workshop took place following the findings from a joint research project and survey conducted by the University of Cambridge and Restless Development, an international NGO, which aims to provide insight into youth experiences and opinions of work in developing and emerging economies.

    Making a life: a youth employment agenda is a new report, which summarises key ideas from the workshop and focuses on how to address the challenge of insufficient decent work for young people from lower income countries. The report also shares ideas and action points for policy, practice and research arising from a multisectoral discussion in which young people were active contributors.

    Dame Barbara Stocking, President of Murray Edwards College, commented: "One of the biggest global challenges we currently face is the lack of decent work for young people in developing countries. The workshop we held in April aimed to get this particular challenge on the agenda, and to do it a meaningful way by having young people involved from the outset. These young people – our 'Game Changers' – are the ones with the energy, enthusiasm and imagination to tackle the issues and really make a difference to the outcomes."

    Making a life: a youth employment agenda

    Dr Anna Barford (College Lecturer in Human Geography and Director of Studies) and Dr Katarzyna Cieslik (Research Associate at the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge) co-authored the report.

    Making a life: a youth employment agenda (version 1 – single pages)

    Making a life: a youth employment agenda (version 2 – double page spreads)

    To find out more, please visit the Department of Geography website.