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The future of women's only Colleges

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    19 March 2019

    On March 14 2019, The Economist published an article about women’s Colleges in Cambridge and Oxford. The article includes Murray Edwards College with quotes from Dame Barbara Stocking, President of the College.

    The article briefly discusses the history of women’s Colleges, including the progress they have made to ‘end the male monopoly at the universities’: 49.5% of the undergraduate intake at Cambridge is female and women are now more likely to attend university than men. However, the article notes that prospective students are, on the whole, less keen to apply to a College that only accepts women. 

    Dame Barbara comments: “One of our biggest challenges is getting across the idea that students are not cut off from men.” Murray Edwards College provides special attention to how young women learn while placing that learning within the overall co-educational context of the University.  The College still has an important role to play in preparing women for the challenges ahead, giving them the skills and confidence to achieve their potential in a working world, which is still heavily dominated by men.

    The article concludes by mentioning the New Hall Art Collection - the largest collection of art by women artists in Europe – as a source of inspiration for students, and the various programmes run by the College that enable current students to build meaningful connections with alumnae.

    You can read the full article, ‘Another women-only Cambridge college goes mixed’, on The Economist website.