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Franklin Society essay competition winners

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    22 July 2021

    Franklin Society essay competition posterEvery year, Murray Edwards College’s science society, the Franklin Society, hosts a science-based essay competition. The competition is open to Sixth Form students (or equivalent) from any country and of any gender. The competition aims to encourage students to explore scientific issues beyond those covered in the school curriculum and this year there were a range of topics to choose from:



    • Can we cure cancer? Use examples to back up your argument.
    • From medical imaging to new microscopy techniques, physics can be applied in many ways to biological sciences. Discuss how this multidisciplinary approach is useful, giving specific examples.
    • How can a knowledge of science help us tackle climate change?
    • The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the massive problem of scientific misinformation. Discuss the importance of the scientific process in ensuring published research is reliable, and how it can be applied to prevent misinformation spreading.

    We are delighted to announce that the following students have won prizes:

    The judges were particularly impressed with the originality and critical thought that went into these winning essays. Many congratulations to all and thank you to everyone who took part.