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COVID-19 community statement

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    15 June 2020

    Information for all members of the collegiate University – staff, students, Fellows and visitors

    As Cambridge continues to adapt to the challenges of COVID-19, and as we begin the process of welcoming back staff and students to onsite work and study, it has never been more important to look after ourselves and others.

    The University and Colleges will do all they can to minimise risk to staff, students and visitors, and to make sure they are appropriately supported. But safety and wellbeing in these extraordinary times is ultimately the responsibility of us all. We must recognise that our behaviour has consequences – for the people immediately affected by it, for our collegiate community, and the local region, including vital public services such as the NHS and police.

    Each of us has had, and will continue to have, different experiences of the pandemic. And for many, those experiences are challenging and stressful. We must be alert to this and respectful of people who may have particular vulnerabilities.

    In summary, and to ensure that our people and community continue to thrive, each one of us has a responsibility to:

    • Behave in a way that minimises the risk of infection
    • Treat each other with dignity and respect
    • Keep up to date with public health guidance and follow it at all times.

    Further information and guidance are available at and for students at