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College alumna receives a Fulbright Award

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    05 July 2021

    Lylaah Bhalerao (2017, Classics) (pictured) has received an All Disciplines Fulbright Award to enable her to study at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University, on one of the most well-regarded and impactful scholarship programmes in the world.
    As a participant, Lylaah has been selected from a strong applicant pool to pursue doctoral research into how to decolonise ancient heritage sites in the east Mediterranean.




    Maria Balinska, Executive Director, US-UK Fulbright Commission said:

    Our vision is a world where there are no obstacles to learning, understanding and collaboration. Today there are many global challenges to overcome, and the world needs compassionate leaders to tackle them. This cohort of postgraduate awardees will be placing cultural engagement at the heart of their experiences as they undertake ambitious study and research programmes in the US: I am filled with hope for the wonderful collaborations that will ensue.

    Lylaah Bhalerao said:

    It’s an honour to become a Fulbright scholar and I can’t wait to join ISAW, NYU. The Fulbright Commission aims to foster cultural exchange, which has always been important to me in my own life and studies. I am grateful to the Commission for trusting me to continue their mission and for seeing my potential. My time at Murray Edwards, especially as JCR President, gave me the confidence to go after opportunities I previously didn’t think were for me. Moving to New York has always been a pipe dream for me: something I fantasised about, but never actually expected to happen! I can’t wait to meet fellow Murray Edwards/New Hall alumnae in NYC!


    Full details regarding the Postgraduate and Scholar Awards, including the selection criteria, benefits and Awards categories, can be found on the Fulbright Commission website. 

    About the US-UK Fulbright Commission

    The US-UK Fulbright Commission works to advance knowledge, promote civic engagement and develop compassionate leaders through education exchange between the peoples of the US and the UK. It is the only academic awards programme that operates on both sides of the Atlantic, providing grants for postgraduate study, research and teaching. Since 1948, tens of thousands of British and American citizens have participated in the programmes, enriching their educations, developing relationships, advancing their careers and making a difference in their communities, at home and abroad. The Fulbright Program of awards is now considered amongst the most prestigious scholarship awards globally, with 60 Nobel Laureates and 39 Heads of State/Government within its 390,000 global alumni. 

    About the Awards

    The US-UK Fulbright Commission provides the only bilateral, transatlantic scholarship programme in the UK, offering Awards for study or research in any field, at any accredited US or UK university. The Commission selects scholars through a rigorous application and interview process, looking for academic excellence alongside a focused application, cultural curiosity, a range of extracurricular and community activities, demonstrated ambassadorial skills, a desire to further the Fulbright mission and a plan to give back to the UK upon returning.

    Typical grants include a contribution towards tuition fees and/or maintenance costs. Fulbright scholars receive administrative support and a cultural education programme including visa support, a comprehensive pre-departure orientation, enrichment opportunities while abroad, a re-entry session and access to a global alumni network.