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Chinese Go Home: A film by Rachel Leow

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    16 March 2021

    Chinese Go Home | Dir. Rachel Leow | 2021 | EU/Malaysia | 20 mins. 

    Between 1948 and 1953, over 20,000 Chinese people were deported from what was then British Malaya to China. Both the countries they were leaving and going to were embroiled in war and revolution. Chinese Go Home tells the story of this extraordinarily complex historical moment through the voices of two women whose families were sundered in its aftermath.

    Dr Rachel Leow is Fellow in History at Murray Edwards College. Her current research is broadly concerned with the social, cultural and intellectual links between China and Chinese communities in maritime Southeast Asia; with British imperialism in Asia; and with histories of ideas beyond Europe. She is author of Taming Babel: Language in the Making of Malaysia (CUP, 2016).