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    Mrs Nicola Cavaleri

    01223 762286
    Murray Edwards College
    New Hall
    University of Cambridge
    CB3 0DF

    Executive Graduate Tutor

    Applied Linguistics and Education


    Murray Edwards embraces its community of students and provides a uniquely supportive environment to assist in the students’ growth and development. The College also constantly strives to promote excellence among its diverse women globally.

    Degrees and honours

    • BSc,
    • MAT,
    • and MPhil (Cantab).

    Research interests

    Nicola finds it stimulating to motivate, facilitate, encourage and support students’ learning. She enjoys channeling her interests in the fields of Education and Applied Linguistics as well as her experience in intercultural exchange and pastoral care into supporting the College’s growing, dynamic graduate community.

    She enjoys being fully involved from application stage through to the students’ graduations and assisting in providing each graduate student with a successful, personalized, memorable experience as a member of the caring, vibrant and thriving Murray Edwards community.

    Nicola continues to research into the influence of culture on academic writing.


    Nicola Cavaleri is Executive Graduate Tutor and Fellow at Murray Edwards College and Coordinator of English in the Language Unit of the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. Diverse educational, professional and cultural experiences throughout her life facilitated her academic interests in education and applied linguistics. Having been educated in various countries and had the chance to work in educational programmes internationally, she is familiar with numerous cultural approaches to education which influence students’ journeys of success.

    Having initially come to Cambridge herself as an international graduate student (a British national having grown up abroad) and having worked with graduate students across fields at the University of Cambridge over the last fifteen years, she is also familiar with the joys and challenges linked to the postgraduate experience. Her expertise lies in the areas of learning strategies, research skills and the influence of culture on academic performance.


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