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    Dr Sam Nallaperuma

    01223 332600
    Department of Engineering
    Trumpington Street
    CB2 1PZ

    Postdoctoral Bye Fellow in Engineering


    Bye fellow

    I look up to those inspirational leading ladies who started and developed this fantastic college. In my eyes, Murray is a living breathing realisation of the vision I stand for, that’s to facilitate, celebrate and empower female students to reach their full potential thereby, improving the female participation in technological fields and other underrepresented sectors which would ultimately help us to reach the gender equality as a society one day.


    PhD in Artificial Intelligence

    Awards & Prizes:    

    • AI for Science Fellowship, Department of Computer Science 2023 - 2026 
    • Early Carrier Award, Centre for Integrative Neuroscience Discovery (CIND) 2023 
    • Winner, Centre for Advance Photonics and Electronics (CAPE) Grand Challenge for Devices and Systems for Healthcare 2023 
    • Borysiewicz Interdisciplinary Fellowship 2022

    Research Interests:    

    Applying artificial intelligence to solve real world problems to reduce carbon emissions and to improve healthcare sector.


    Sam is a senior postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Computer Science and  an AI for Science Fellow. Sam contributes to interdisciplinary research with her experience in artificial intelligence, collaborating across multiple disciplines to solve real world problems to reach sustainable development goals. 

    Sam is passionate about supporting underrepresented groups and students from disadvantaged backgrounds to reach their full potential. To this end, she co-founded  “Sumithra foundation to support education” aiming to end child poverty. During her time at Murray Edwards, she extends this contribution by forming a network for current and future generation of female tech entrepreneurs: a group who has a great potential but is severely underrepresented in the current entrepreneurial space.