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    Dr Milica Gašić

    Murray Edwards College
    New Hall
    University of Cambridge
    CB3 0DF

    Fellow in Engineering



    Murray Edwards provides an incredibly stimulating academic environment. However, even more so, it is a place where one feels supported and a part of a larger family that cares of each other. Being a part of Murray Edwards has enriched my life.

    Degrees and honours

    • MPhil
    • PhD

    Awards and prizes

    • Best paper awards:  CSL (2010), Interspeech (2010), SLT (2010), Sigdial (2013), Sigdial (2015), EMNLP (2015) and ACL (2016)
    • EPSRC PhD-plus award

    Research interests

    Dr Gašić is interested in machine learning algorithms and their application to human-computer interaction. In particular, she works on statistical approaches to spoken dialogue systems. She has built self-learning dialogue systems that can improve automatically from their conversation with users. Currently, she is investigating ways of transferring knowledge of limited domain spoken dialogue systems so that they can support open domain conversation, with the long-term aim of providing more human-like interaction.


    Dr Gašić obtained her first degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Belgrade. Since then, she has been at the University of Cambridge. After completing an MPhil course in Computer Speech, Text and Internet Technology at the Computer Laboratory, she enrolled as a PhD student in Statistical Dialogue Modelling under the supervision of Professor Steve Young at the Engineering Department. She was awarded an EPSRC PhD plus award for her dissertation and she became a Research Associate in the Dialogue Systems Group. In October 2014, she was elected a Research Fellow of Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge. In April 2016, she was appointed a Lecturer in Spoken Dialogue Systems at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.

    In the College, together with Professor Denise Morray and Dr Alice Cicirello, she provides support for the Engineering undergraduates.



    Read Dr Gašić's full publication record on Google Scholar.