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    Dr Marc Moore

    +44 (0)1223 762278
    Murray Edwards College
    New Hall
    University of Cambridge
    CB3 0DF

    Fellow in Law; Director of Studies

    Corporate Law


    Murray Edwards is a friendly and relaxed place to work, and I immediately felt welcome here when I joined the Fellowship in 2014. The College as a whole cares deeply about the interests and welfare of its student community. It is also actively engaged in a number of important and innovative social initiatives, such as its Pathways programme and Capitalism on the Edge lecture series. Last but not least, I will never get bored of walking through its beautiful gardens on a sunny day!

    Degrees and honours

    MA, University of Cambridge, 2018; LLB (Hons), University of Glasgow,

    2001; PhD, University of Bristol, 2006.

    Awards and Prizes

    In 2012 I was awarded a Philip Leverhulme Prize, for outstanding scholars who have made a substantial and acknowledged contribution to their field of study. In 2013 my book, Corporate Governance in the Shadow of the State (2013, Hart Publishing), was shortlisted for the SLS Peter Birks Prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship.


    I am a Reader in Corporate Law in the Faculty of Law, where I also serve as Director of the Masters in Corporate Law (MCL) degree and Co-Director of the Centre for Corporate and Commercial Law (3CL). I have previously held Faculty positions at University College London and the University of Bristol, and also visiting teaching positions at the University of Auckland and Seattle University. I teach and/or supervise in UK and US corporate law, corporate governance, financial regulation and the law of contract. I am a member of the College’s Fellowship Review Group and Just On the Edge steering committee. My current research/writing concerns the law and economics of flexible work and the gig economy, and also the interrelation between corporate law and economic liberty.

    Recent publications

    'Corporate Governance: Law, Regulation and Theory' (2017, Palgrave; co-authored with Martin Petrin).

    'Redressing Risk Oversight Failure in UK and US Listed Companies: Lessons from the RBS and Citigroup Litigation' (2017) 18 European Business Organization Law Review 733-759.

    'A Necessary Social Evil: The Indispensability of the Shareholder Value Corporation' (2017) 40 Seattle University Law Review 427-464.

    ‘Corporate Governance, Pay Equity, and the Limitations of Agency Theory’ (2015) 68 Current Legal Problems 431-464.

    ‘Reconstituting Labour Market Freedom: Corporate Governance and Collective Worker Counterbalance’ (2014) 43 Industrial Law Journal


    ‘Private Ordering and Public Policy: The Paradoxical Foundations of Corporate Contractarianism’ (2014) 34 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 693-728.

    ‘A Fresh Look at Stock Market Short-termism’ (2014) 41 Journal of Law and Society 416-445.

    Corporate Governance in the Shadow of the State (2013, Hart Publishing).