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    Dr Lisa Hinton

    Murray Edwards College
    Huntingdon Road
    CB3 0DF

    Bye Fellow in Healthcare

    Medical Sciences

    Bye fellow

    I’m delighted to return to Murray Edwards College as a fellow, having studied here as an undergraduate. I have always valued the College’s commitment to women’s education and look forward to contributing to the shared purpose, energy and enthusiasm of colleagues and students.

    Degrees &  Honours        

    • BA (Hons) Cantab
    • DPhil Oxon      

    Research Interests         

    Lisa uses applied social science research to understand patient and staff experiences and improve care. Her research concentrates on women’s health, in particular pregnancy and childbirth and maternal morbidity.


    Lisa is a Senior Research Associate at the Healthcare Improvement Studies (THIS) Institute, University of Cambridge.

    Lisa studied Social and Political Sciences at New Hall and worked as a TV and radio producer for the BBC and Channel 4 before her research career. She has a DPhil in Medical Sociology from the University of Oxford and was previously Director of Applied Research for the Health Experiences Research Group in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care in Oxford where she worked from 2010-2019.

    Lisa joined THIS Institute in December 2019 and leads applied qualitative and mixed methods research aimed at improving quality and safety in healthcare, with a focus on maternity care, inclusion and diversity.


    Selected Publications (full list at ORCID: 0000-0002-6082-3151)

    • White A, McNiven A, Boardman F, Locock L, Hinton L. Absorbing it all: A meta-ethnography of parents’ unfolding experiences of newborn screening. Social Science and Medicine. September 2021.
    • Hinton L, Kuberska K, Dakin F, Ekechi C, Dixon Woods M. Creating equitable remote antenatal care; the risks of locking out as well as locking in. BMJ Opinion April 2021
    • Hinton L, Chisholm A, Jakubowski B, Greenfield S, Tucker K, McManus R, Locock L. ‘You probably won’t notice any symptoms’ Blood pressure in pregnancy: discourses of contested expertise in an era of self-care and responsibilisation. Qualitative Health Research. July 2021.
    • Dixon S, McNiven A, Talbot A, Hinton L. Navigating possible endometriosis in primary care: a qualitative study of GP perspectives. British Journal of General Practice. March 2021.
    • Davies L, LeClair K, Powell J, Hinton L, Ryan S, Ziebland S. Face to Face Compared to Digitally Obtained Qualitative Data on Health and illness. A scoping review. Qualitative Health Research. July 2020.
    • Page B Hinton L Harrop E Vincent C. The challenges of caring for children who require complex medical care at home: a qualitative analysis of parent interviews. Health Expectations, June 2020
    • Smith, L Dickens J, Bender Atik R, Bevan C, Fisher J, Hinton L. Parent experiences following the loss of a baby at the margins between miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death: a UK qualitative study. British Journal Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Jan.2020
    • Hinton L, Armstrong N. “They don’t know themselves, so how can they tell us?” Parents navigating uncertainty at the frontiers of neonatal surgery. Sociology of Health and Illness.
    • Moore H, Solomons W, Hinton L. Life-threatening complications in childbirth: a discursive analysis of father’s accounts. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology 2018.
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    • Hinton L, Locock L, Knight M. Support for mothers and families in primary care after life-threatening illness in pregnancy and childbirth  British Journal of General Practice 2015, 65 (638): e563-e569
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    • Hinton L & Miller T. Mapping men’s anticipations and experiences in the reproductive realm: (in)fertility journeys. Reproductive BioMedicine Online, Sept 2013, 27 (3): 244-252.
    • Hinton L, Kurinczuk J, Ziebland S. Infertility; isolation and the Internet: a qualitative interview study. Patient Education and Counseling Dec 2010, 81 (3): 436-441