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    Dr Juliet Usher-Smith

    Murray Edwards College
    University of Cambridge
    CB3 0DF

    Fellow in Clinical Medicine; Director of Studies



    I have always been struck by the supportive ethos at Murray Edwards. The College provides a relatively unique environment where everyone at all levels is valued for their individual strengths and contributions.

    Degrees and honours

    MA (Cantab), MB BChir, MPhil, PhD, MRCGP, FHEA

    Research interests

    Dr Usher-Smith’s main research interest focuses on optimising the implementation of risk-stratified medicine to promote prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease. This includes the development and validation of risk models as well as considering the societal, psychological and behavioural aspects associated with their implementation.

    Within this area she has a particular interest in the potential for introducing risk stratification into bowel cancer screening programmes. Previous work has included systematic reviews, external validation of risk models for the development of bowel cancer, and health economic modelling of  the potential impact of introducing risk stratification into the current English bowel screening programme. She is currently leading a grant from the Cambridge Cancer Research UK Early Detection centre on the social and ethical implications of risk stratified screening and holds an NIHR Advanced Fellowship focusing on developing a strategy for implementation of risk stratification into bowel cancer screening programmes.

    She also works closely with Professor Grant Stewart in the Department of Surgery on a programme of work relating to screening and surveillance for kidney cancer. This includes a series of projects evaluating potential screening strategies for kidney cancer and the Yorkshire Kidney Screening Trial which is the first trial of its kind to assess the feasibility of incorporating an additional abdominal CT-scan within lung cancer screening programmes.


    She first joined the college as a Supernumerary Fellow in 2007 whilst she was completing a PhD in the department of Physiology with Professor Chris Huang as part of the Cambridge MB/PhD programme. She taught the homeostasis course to first year medical students until 2012 and served on the Library committee in 2012/13. She is now a University Lecturer in General Practice based in the Primary Care Unit, and a General Practitioner in Cambridge. Within the College, she is a Fellow and Director of Studies for Clinical Medicine.  She also teaches on the Gateway programme and advises current and previous medical students on opportunities for research, careers and job applications.


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    Selected publications

    • Usher-Smith JA, Mills K, Riedinger C, Saunders C, Helsingen LM, Lytvyn L, Buskermolen M, Lansdorp-Vogelaar I, Bretthauer M, Guyatt G, Griffin SJ. (2021) The impact of different absolute risks and benefits of screening on intention to take up colorectal cancer screening. PLoS ONE 16(2): e0246991. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0246991
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