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    Dr Helena Knowles

    Cavendish Laboratory
    JJ Thomson Avenue
    CB3 0HE

    Owen Saxton Fellow in Physics

    Natural Sciences (Physical)


    Degrees &  Honours:     

    MSc in Physics (ETH Zurich), PhD (University of Cambridge)

    Research Interests:   

    Quantum physics, quantum sensing, many-body physics, nanoscale imaging


    Helena Knowles is a University Lecturer and a Royal Society Research Fellow. She holds the Owen Saxton Lectureship at Murray Edwards College. Her research focuses on quantum control and quantum imaging at the nanometre scale.
    In 2014 she was awarded a Research Fellowship at St John’s College, Cambridge,  where she lead a small team of students working on using quantum optics tools and defects in diamond to perform nanoscale NMR experiments in biological and solid state systems.  She then moved to Harvard in 2017 to work as a Research Associate on investigating single-atom thin materials using defects in diamond. Helena holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, and an MSc from ETH Zurich.


    • Quantum Metrology with Strongly Interacting Spin Systems: H. Zhou, J. Choi, S. Choi, R. Landig, A. M. Douglas, Junichi Isoya, Fedor Jelezko, S. Onoda, H. Sumiya, P. Cappellaro, H. S. Knowles, H. Park, M. D. Lukin, Phys. Rev. X 10 031003 (2020)
    • Robust Dynamic Hamiltonian Engineering of Many-Body Spin Systems: J. Choi, H. Zhou, H. S. Knowles, R. Landig, S. Choi, and M. Lukin. Phys. Rev. X 10 031002 (2020)
    • Liquid NMR in a nanoscale volume using diamond nanocrystals: J. Holzgrafe, Q-S.Gu, D. M. Kara, H. S. Knowles and M. Atature. Phys. Rev. Appl. 13 044004 (2019)
    • Error-Corrected Spin-State Readout in a Nanodiamond: J. Holzgrafe, J. Beitner, D. M. Kara, H. S. Knowles and M. Atature. NPJ Quantum Information 5 13 (2019)
    • Controlling a nuclear spin in a diamond nanocrystal: H. S. Knowles, D. M. Kara and M. Atature. Physical Review B 96 115206 (2017)
    • Demonstration of a coherent electronic spin cluster in diamond H. S. Knowles, D. M. Kara and M. Atature. Physical Review Letters 117 100802 (2016)
    • Observing bulk spin coherence in high-purity nanodiamonds H. S. Knowles, D. M. Kara and M. Atature. Nature Materials 13 21-24 (2014)