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    Dr Hannah Willey

    Murray Edwards College
    CB3 0DF

    Fellow in Classics



    I am delighted to have joined Murray Edwards, which provides a relaxed and friendly environment in which to work surrounded by so much art and poetry and so many intellectually stimulating colleagues.

    Degrees and honours

    PhD, MPhil, MA (Cantab)


    I joined the college in October 2015 having previously held the W. H. D. Rouse Fellowship in Classics at Christ’s College, Cambridge. I specialise in Greek cultural history with a particular interest in all things Greek religion. I am currently working on the religious context of early Greek law and on the stories the Greeks tell about the introduction of new cults and of new gods.


    Law and Religion in the Archaic and Classical Greek Poleis (in preparation)

    ‘Literary Evidence - Prose’ in Eidinow, E. & Kindt, J. (edd.) Oxford Handbook of Ancient Greek Religion (Oxford, 2015). 67-82.

    ‘Gods and Men in Ancient Greek Conceptions of Lawgiving’ in Eidinow, E., Kindt, J. & Osborne, R. (edd.) Theologies of Greek Religion (forthcoming with Cambridge University Press).

    ‘Religion and Cults’ in Martin, G. (ed.) Oxford Handbook of Demosthenes (forthcoming with Oxford University Press).

     ‘Social-status, Legislation and Pollution in Plato’s Euthyphro’ in Pirenne-Delforge, V. & Carbon, J.-M. (edd.) Kernos Supplement (forthcoming).

     ‘Sophocles’ Antigone, and not knowing what to do’ in Omnibus 68 (2014), 5-7.