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    Dr Francesca Middleton

    01223 762275
    Murray Edwards College
    New Hall
    University of Cambridge
    CB3 0DF

    Fellow in Classics; Director of Studies



    As a college, Murray Edwards is not overburdened by tradition, but instead provides an academic environment in which students and fellows can find their own way to be. It is a place where people can meet as individuals, rather than assuming roles based on their own or others’ preconceptions.

    Degrees and honours

    • MA,
    • MPhil,
    • and PhD (all at King’s College, Cambridge).

    Research interests

    • The idea of the material text in imperial Greek literature.
    • Imperial Greek and early Christian poetry and literary culture (more broadly).
    • The transmission, transformation and reuse of the Homeric epics from the Hellenistic period onwards.
    • She is currently transforming her PhD thesis into a monograph. This will be a theoretical study of how certain types of poetry in the latter half of antiquity incorporate themselves into the written traditions of the Homeric epics, using similarity rather than difference as a creative strategy.


    Dr Middleton joined Murray Edwards in October 2014, after starting a job as a temporary lecturer in the Faculty of Classics (which she will hold until 2018).  From October 2015 she will be on the Art and Catering Committees in College, but her principal role is Director of Studies in Classics. Murray Edwards takes an average number of students in this subject, around four per year, so at any one time there are around twelve students working towards their degree across three (or sometimes four) years.


    Among various forthcoming publications, she has one article in print: "Illusions and Vanishing Acts: Homeric Recension, Athetesis, and Magic in P. Oxy 412 (PGM XXIII)." Helios 41.2 (2014): 139-162.

    Faculty website

    View Dr Middleton's profile on the Department of Classic's website.