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Murray Edwards College
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Low Participation Neighbourhood (LPN) Summer School

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Start Time: 16 Aug 2020 - 09:00
End Time: 19 Aug 2020 - 16:00
Murray Edwards College
United Kingdom

Low Participation Neighbourhood (LPN) Summer School

Applications for the 2020 summer school are now closed, but please do register your interest in LPN 2021.

Each year Murray Edwards College, Cambridge works in collaboration with Christ’s and Sidney Sussex Colleges to run an August summer school for Year 11 students, who then return to Cambridge in Year 12. The scheme is for Year 11 students who live in areas of low participation to higher education (eligibility criteria listed below).

COVID-19 and LPN


UPDATED: 28 MAY 2020 

The LPN summer school is scheduled to run from 16-19 August 2020 and will be online only for summer 2020. The application form asks students to indicate the feasibility of attending an online version of the programme, as well as their access to suitable internet connections and devices. Students who are unsure whether their internet connection and/or devices will be suitable are still encouraged to apply, and we can look into alternatives on a case-by-case basis for the selected students in these circumstances. 

The LPN Summer School is designed to encourage academically able students from areas of the country where students are less likely to enter higher education to consider making applications to top universities, including the University of Cambridge. It is also important to note that this programme consists of visits in both the summers of Year 11 and Year 12 – however, the Year 12 leg is only open to those who have been part of the programme from Year 11. Therefore, we strongly encourage any eligible students to make an application, as they will receive support and guidance for their studies and university in the summer and beyond, as well as the opportunity to stay with us in summer 2021 for the Year 12 leg. 



LPN Summer School 2020: 16-19 August

The 2020 LPN Summer School will take place from Sunday 16 to Wednesday 19 August 2020.


How and when do I apply?

Applications are now closed. 

Applicants and their teacher referees will be notified by the end of June about the outcome of their application.


What does the summer school involve?

The summer school takes place for a few days in August just after you (would) have taken your GCSEs, with meals and accommodation provided for you in one of the Cambridge Colleges.

The programme includes a variety of masterclasses given by Cambridge University researchers, an opportunity to get to know Cambridge, information about making an application to Cambridge and a chance to meet current Cambridge students.

After the summer school, the Colleges provide continuing support during Year 12 and there is a follow-up summer school at the end of Year 12 to which you are automatically invited.


What does the summer school cost?

The whole summer school is free of charge (including meals and accommodation), with the exception of travel to and from Cambridge. If you feel you may require travel expenses to be able to attend, please get in touch, as some limited support may be available.


Subject strands

As part of the summer school programme, students have the opportunity to attend a series of seminars that will introduce them to the study of a particular subject at university level. This year’s subject strands are:

  • Bio-Chemistry (Human/Medical)
  • Bio-Chemistry (Non-Medical)
  • Physical Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • History
  • Law
  • Social Sciences

Students wishing to apply for a place on the summer school should choose which subject strand they wish to attend and indicate this on their application form (there is also an option to be considered for a reserve choice if you are not selected for your first choice). The same number of places are available on each subject strand, so please choose the subject that interests you the most.


Who is eligible to apply?

If you meet all of the following criteria, you are eligible to apply for a place on the LPN summer school:

  • You are in Year 11 (England and Wales), or Year 12 in Northern Ireland or S4 (Scotland), and would have been about to take your GCSEs or National 5s at a school that does not charge fees.
  • You are going on to study academic qualifications (usually A Levels or the IB) in Sixth Form, at a school or college that does not charge fees.
  • You live in an area of low participation in higher education. We use the POLAR classification and we only accept applications from students who live in quintile 1 or 2 areas. We encourage students to self-select using this online postcode checker tool. When you put your postcode in the tool, check the ‘POLAR4 young participation quintile’ (the first data column on the left).
  • You are on target to receive a majority of 7s or 8s or above at GCSE (or equivalent e.g. A grades in National 5s).
  • You can provide the name and email address of a teacher who can support your application. We recommend that you ask your teacher that this is okay before you give us their details.

We encourage applications from those who: may be the first in their family to go to university (parents/carers who did not attend university), young carers, refugees, those from a BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) background, eligible for free school meals (FSM) currently or in the past, have spent any time in care, or who are estranged from their family (i.e. you no longer have contact with your parents).


Application deadline

Applications are now closed.

Applicants and their teacher referees will be notified by the end of June about the outcome of their application.


Where can I get more information?

Please get in touch with Rea Duxbury at if you have any questions about this summer school.