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Murray Edwards College
University of Cambridge

Low Participation Neighbourhood (LPN) Summer School

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Start Time: 20 Aug 2023 - 11:00
End Time: 23 Aug 2023 - 16:00
Murray Edwards College
United Kingdom

Low Participation Neighbourhood (LPN) Summer School

A two-year long programme run in collaboration with Christ's College and Sidney Sussex College for Year 11 and Year 12 students who live in areas where few young people enter higher education.

The programme begins with a Summer School at the end of Year 11, hosted by Christ's and Sidney Sussex. Students then recieve continued support during Year 12 and return to Cambridge at the end of the year for an overnight event at Murray Edwards. 


LPN Summer School 2023

The Year 11 Summer School will take place at Christs' College and Sidney Sussex College on Sunday 20 August - Wednesday 23 August.

The Year 12 event will take place at Murray Edwards College on Tuesday 22 - Wednesday 23 August


Year 11 Summer School (Christ's College and Sidney Sussex College)

  • Attend masterclasses given by Cambridge University researchers
  • Meet students currently studying at Cambridge
  • Learn about the Cambridge admissions process
  • Take part in social events

Year 12 event (Murray Edwards College)

  • Participate in an interview workshop and a personal statement workshop
  • Learn about admissions assessments in specific subjects
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the Cambridge admissions process
  • Meet students currently studying at Cambridge
  • Take part in social events


How and when do I apply?

If you are a Year 11 student (or parent / guardian / teacher), you can register your interest to receive an email when applications open.

If you are a Year 12 student who has attended the Year 11 Summer School, you will be automatically invited to the Year 12 event.


What does the Summer School cost?

The whole Summer School is free of charge (including meals and accommodation) - with the exception of travel to and from Cambridge. If you need assistance with travel expenses in order to be able to attend, some limited support may be available.


Who is eligible?

Students must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible to apply for a place on the summer school: 

  1. You are currently in Year 11 (England and Wales), or Year 12 in Northern Ireland or S4 (Scotland), and will be taking your GCSEs or National 5s at a UK school that does not charge fees (to anyone) in summer 2023.
  2. You are going on to study academic qualifications for Sixth Form, at a school or college that does not charge fees (to anyone).
    • academic qualifications are A-Levels, the International Baccalaureate, Pre-U or Highers/Advanced Highers. 
  3. You live in an area of low participation in higher education (you must check your postcode before applying!)
    • This is determined by the postcode of your home address. To check if you meet this eligibility criteria, please go to this website (best used on a desktop/laptop) and enter your postcode. It will tell you a quintile for 'POLAR4' - this is what you need. If you are quintile 1 or 2, you are eligible. If you are quintiles 3, 4 or 5 you are not eligible and will not be offered a place. See this document for an idea of what you should be looking at!
  4. You are on target to receive a majority of 9-7/A*-A grades at GCSE or A grades in National 5s
    • Students applying for the Medicine strand as their first choice should expect to achieve a majority 8/9/A* grades at GCSE (or As at  National 5), due to the competitive nature of this strand
    • It may be helpful to note that over the last three years (2019-21) most students who have been successful in obtaining a place on the LPN Summer School are usually expected to achieve 8/9/A* grades in GCSE subjects relevant to the strand applied for.
  5. You can provide the name and email address of a teacher who can support your application. You should discuss applying with a teacher before applying, and get their permission to provide their details to us.

We encourage applications from those who may be the first in their family to go to university (parents/carers did not attend university), a young carer, a refugee, eligible for free school meals currently or in the past, have spent any time in care, who are estranged from their family (i.e. you no longer have contact with your parents and may be living with another family member), or from ethnic backgrounds that are currently underrepresented at Cambridge.

Selection will be primarily on the basis of academic merit, though other widening participation factors as outlined above will also be taken into consideration when deciding.